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Thursday, September 08, 2011

Teddy races to the Finishline

Following on our success in Orlando we next went to the shows here in West Palm Beach, July 16 and 17, he won the points both days under James Reynolds and Sandra Goose Allen. Giving him a total of 10 points. Then back to Orlando for the Central Florida Toy Club, Aug 13 and 14. Judge Kathy Bucher Sawyer gave him Winners Dog for a big 4 point major. Then she liked him so much she gave him BEST OF BREED over 4 other specials bumping up the major to 5 POINTS and completing his championship. He was also awarded Best Bred By Exhibitor. He was spooked by the signs in the ring during the group competition and would not gait properly. However for the Bred By Group he was used to the signs and Mr Robert Hall gave us a Group 3. What a day and what a record, for me anyway. I've never had a dog finish so fast. Six shows, five wins, a reserve, undefeated in the Bred by classes, Best Of Breed over a top 5 ranked special, and a Group 3 in the Bred By group! He was a year old when he started and 14 months old when he finished.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Teddy wins big his first time in the ring!

At the shows in Orlando June 24, 2011 under Judge Carolyn Herbel Teddy, Rocyn's Fast and Furious, took a four point major from the Bred By class. He showed like he had been doing this his whole life. He was a puppy the next day and went reserve under judge Peter Green but was back in the groove for the Sunday show and took the two points and Best of Winners for 2 points. Six points with a major his first weekend out! We are very proud and so is his mother, Desi, CH Forevr Burning Desire at Rocyn and his father, Turbo, CH Forevr at Rocyn Theres a Will.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

For those of you who ask, "How small is a papillon when they are born?" I thought I might post a photo of a brand new baby girl. She weighed at birth 4 ounces and the stick of butter weighs 4.2 ounces. Just because she was this small at birth she grew up to be a normal size girl. Beware of breeders who guarantee you that a small puppy will stay small unless they are at least 6 months old, and even then they can continue growing ending up at 9 or 10 inches. Beware anyone trying to sell you a "teacup" papillon.

Monday, April 26, 2010

more puppy pictures

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Wednesday, October 03, 2007

There's a Fancy Dancer at my house

Mike and Brandi of Braylor's papillons have sent Braylor's Fancy Dancer, Danni, to Florida to compete for her championship title. Thank you for sending this very typey little girl to Rocyn. She is a delightful girl and Zorro has fallen head over tail in love. Just like a lot of teenage boys he followed her everywhere and became an absolute pest. When she would try and run him off he would sit away from her and just wag his tail and whine. He was really quite funny to watch. Bad news for Zorro, she's come into season and is now living in a different part of the house. So he can hear her and smell her but he can't even get close enough to see her. Poor Zorro!

More Zorro wins

Sunshine State Papillon Club show held in Sarasota, FL July 6 with judge Colleen Brossard. My boy Zorro took Winners Dog from the Bred By class. He then took Best Bred By Exhibitor for another pretty ribbon and then was given an Award of Merit, over specials. He earned 2 more points. The next day at the Greater Venice shows held at the same location and under judge Roy Keiser Zorro was awarded Winners Dog and Best of Winners for another 2 points. Go, Zorro, Go!

Jason gets a new home and a new name

Jason is the first pup to go to his forever family. Rosemary Leone picked him up on Monday, October 1. She has decided to rename him Rocyns Leonardo Da Vinci, Leo for short. She is thinking of Therapy dog training and he is thinking of treat training (when ever he looks pitifully at her she gives up a tasty treat). It will be an adventure, one I am sure they will both enjoy.

Back to Back Best of Breed

Columbia Kennel Club shows held in Columbia, South Carolina, Sept 29 and 30. Judges William Usherwood and Dorothy Dalton gave Zorro Winners Dog, Best of Winners and Best of Breed for a total of 2 more points. He now has 9 points including one major.
Our side trip to Charleston, South Carolina was very nice. I can highly recommend the BoatHouse in Charleston and the Solstice Kitchen and Wine Bar in Columbia. I am going to have to eat nothing but lettuce for 2 weeks to make up for the weekends wonderful experiences.

Zorro walks out with the big points

My puppy born here last year, Rocyns Don Diego de la Vega, or Zorro for short, went to the Douglasville Kennel Club show in Atlanta, GA, Sept 21, 2007 and won 3 points under judge Michelle Billings. She was surprised to learn he was just over a year old because of his big beautiful coat, thanks to his daddy, Forevr Chippendales Dancer.


Lucy and Turbo are the very proud new parents to a litter of 5 boys born on the Fourth of July. All are good size, with nice markings. Four of them are red sables like mom and dad and one is a tri color. Robert has decided to name them after Miami Dolphin football players so we have Trent (Green), Dan (Marino), Zach (Thomas), Nick (Bonaconte) and Jason (Taylor). This was quite the surprise because she was not as big as she was when she had 4 puppies two years ago. This will be her last litter and what a way to finish.

Wins for Desi

At the Toy Dog Club of Central Florida show held in Orlando June 30 and July 1 Desi, Forevr Burning Desire at Rocyn won back to back for 3 points under judges Ken DiLorenzo and Mrs Charlotte Patterson. She has a total of 9 points now and just needs her majors to finish.

Lucy finishes her Rally title

At the South Dade Kennel Club show, May 6, 2007, Lucy, Rocyns She's On Fire, completed her first Rally Novice title. We had to skip the competition the day before because both conformation and rally were on at the same time but on Sunday we had enough time to compete and get back to the other ring on time. Most of my fellow papillon competitors came over to the rally ring to cheer us on. Lucy completed her title in 3 consecutive runs. This fall, after her last litter has arrived, we will resume her rally training.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Lucy wins on the Rally course

Our little Lucy went out this weekend at the Heartland kennel Club shows in Zolfo Springs and snaged a double qualifier on the Rally Novice course. After purchasing a book about Rally and practicing on the driveway at home Lucy and Cynthia scored a 94 and a 90, out of a possible 100 to earn her first two legs towards her Rally Novice title. These dogs are so smart. Lucy picked up really quick on the commands and even when I messed up and gave the wrong command she sat and waited for me to correct myself and give her the right cue. One more good score and she will be Rocyn's She's On Fire, RN. Oh, and lest I forget she will soon be Therapy dog certified! Yeah, Lucy.